Friday, August 9, 2013

Fleming Rutledge on Wrath

In light of the hullabaloo over the PCUSA's decision to reject the contemporary hymn/praise song "In Christ Alone," I give you Fleming Rutledge's reflection on the Wrath of God.

*Note: when Rutledge says (capital-S) Sin she is not talking about individual (lower-case-s) sins. She's speaking of the power of Sin and Death that is in opposition to God.

"God's Wrath is against Sin, not against us.  We experience the Wrath of God in the form of all the terrible things that happen, but if we listen carefully to Paul's story, we learn that this Wrath is not God's bad temper, as if he were an irritable parent prone to rages, but his implacable opposition to the evil Power that holds his creatures in bondage.  God's enmity toward Sin is not capricious or malign.  It is the face of God turned steadily and with unshakable purpose toward the Enemy of his creation.  Thus it is possible for us to acknowledge our own identity as sinful creatures and yet, at the same time, rejoice to know that God is on our side against our common Foe."

Fleming Rutledge in Not Ashamed of the Gospel, "But Now..." 72, 73.

Update: For a more complete view of her understanding of the Wrath of God, check out:

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