Monday, December 31, 2012

A Nod to "And God Spoke to Abraham"

To avoid prepping for the General Ordination Exams (that I take in two days!), I've been commenting on various year-end lists. On one "Top Theology Books of 2012" (I have other hobbies, I swear!), I suggested that the author check out Fleming Rutledge's collection of Old Testament sermons--"And God Spoke to Abraham." It's brilliant, accessible and existentially satisfying, while being faithful to the biblical texts. When I simply can't bring myself to pick up the Word, or find my own ears and eyes completely deaf and blind (numb) to him/it, her clear yet round-about proclamation always seems to penetrate my obliviousness, unclogging my ears, unscaling my eyes. Rutledge's corpus has served as a daily devotional for most of this year.

Rutledge's blog:

*Rutledge lists Gerhard von Rad and Brevard Childs, Ellen Davis and Patrick Miller as major influences.

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